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Ancient Manuscripts has provided people with hard to find texts and information from around the world for over ten years now. It was created by Glenn Kimball after he wrote his first two books: "Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus" and "Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion." Glenn has been collecting texts and traveling the world for over 40 years now and has come across some amazing things. Many things have been kept secret or just not easily found throughout all of history. We feel that the people should be given all the information about science, religion, history, etc. and make up there own minds as to what truth is. For this reason Kimball College was formed. In 2003 Chase Kimball moved to Phoenix to help Glenn get the information to the people. We know that in today's world everyone is busy and there is a lack of time for reading a lot of books to get the information you are looking for. Because of this we decided to put the information onto audio CDs that are approximately one hour in length each. Each audio is a different subject, although many go together as far as subject matter. When people hear the words 'college' or 'class' they assume that there is a beginning point from which they should start listening to the audios. We have intentionally made this not the case. You can just pick a subject, listen to the audio and go from there. We have put the CDs into some general catagories so you can get an idea of which ones somewhat go together. After listening to many of the audios you will find that they all go together in one way or another. After all, there is NO real seperation between science and religion. This has always been the case and many of the cultures throughout history understood this much better than we do today. We are not trying to preach to anybody or sell you a religion or a theory about science. We merely provide you with the information and let you make up your own mind. So, have fun! Your life will never be the same again once you start amassing the information about truth and meaning in this life!

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